September 29, 2022


One minute you are moving into your apartment, the next your lease is almost up! When it is finally time to pack your things and go, move-out day can seem to be one long and stressful day; but it doesn’t have to be. You can never begin planning too soon and organizing your time to complete tasks prior to move-out, will help make it a seamless process. Start planning your move-out today with these tips to ease the process:

Plan ahead: The more you plan, the less rushed you feel on move-out day, and the less daunting the process becomes. Plan well before your final move-out day. Sometimes it is tricky deciding what must be done sooner rather than later, but the earlier you establish a move-out timeline, the more seamless the transition becomes.

Review lease terms: Reviewing the terms of your lease is one of the first steps to complete your move-out. Make sure to look over leasing terms a few months before move-out day to understand your apartment’s required notice timeframe, security deposit policy, and other important information. Are their nail holes that will need to be patched? Did you paint and need to return the wall color to the original one? Speak with the office to ensure you understand the tasks you are responsible for. Schedule a walk-through of your unit ahead of move-out day if you want to be present. Make sure you turn in all of your keys to avoid extra charges. Work out a plan with your roommates if you are not the last one moving out, to ensure common area items are cleaned. Your security deposit will no.  Once you know the day you are moving out, start focusing on the most evident aspect of the process: your belongings.

Start decluttering: First ask yourself what you want to keep and what you can live without. Decluttering before you move reduces your moving costs and allows you to start fresh in your next home. Check out these decluttering tips before you start packing:

  • DONTATE clothing, furniture, and household items (pots, pans, dishes, bedding, etc.) you no longer need to your favorite charities in town or have a “stuff swap” with friends to trade belongings.
  • SELL items that have a higher value. Familiarize yourself with Facebook Market Place and Craigslist. Post items for sale on your stories on Instagram or have a good old fashioned yard sale.
  • RECYCLE or TOSS anything that cannot be donated or sold. Remember, there might be a limit as to what you can put in the trash each week. Pace your trash output so the receptacles aren’t overflowing.

While you give some possessions the boot, start using up the ones that cannot be moved, such as cleaning supplies and frozen food.  As clutter clears and only the essentials remain, step back and decide if movers need to be hired or if your parents will be helping you. Arrange moving help: You will need some help with the move! Research all your options ahead of time. If you need a professional moving service, make the necessary arrangements with the mover at least



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