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Our dedication is to create a community environment that adheres to CDC guidelines and local health directives to mitigate the transmission of COVID-19. We will consistently review and enhance our established protocols as we maintain a strong emphasis on the well-being of both our residents and team members. The following are a few of the additional measures we have implemented to ensure a pristine environment for everyone.

Common Areas Within the Community

We have significantly escalated the regularity of cleaning in our common areas and frequently visited spaces within the community. These areas are now being cleaned multiple times a day using approved cleaning agents. We will also adapt our occupancy restrictions, operating hours, and social distancing measures in response to evolving conditions.

Apartment Care 

We’ve furnished all residents with suggested cleaning guidelines for their apartments. Furthermore, we are actively implementing procedures to disinfect living areas, and upon request (subject to availability), we will supply additional cleaning materials to all residents. We have established efficient processes to swiftly replenish cleaning supplies as necessary.

Hand Sanitizing Stations 

We strongly encourage residents, guests, and team members to utilize the hand sanitizing stations strategically positioned within the indoor common areas of our communities. These locations encompass, among others, the management office, fitness centers, elevator areas, meeting rooms, classrooms, computer labs, and game rooms.

Wearing Face Masks 

We encourage the use of face coverings while on the premises, particularly during the move-in process. We will adhere to state and local regulations if they are more stringent than the CDC’s recommendations.

Social Distancing Measures 

We’ve installed signage in common areas as a reminder to our residents about the importance of practicing social distancing. This includes updated occupancy restrictions. Large gatherings have been temporarily suspended until further notice.

While these measures don’t offer absolute assurance of a COVID-19 or any disease-free environment, we are dedicated to playing our role, and we kindly request your cooperation in doing the same.